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Transport units for Welder
An extensive list of the transport units that can be used with Kemppi products.
ArcFeed Welder
Voltage-sensing wire feed unit, which allows you to upgrade old MMA power sources for more efficient MIG/MAG use. A sma
Kempact™ MIG Welder
A compact, lightweight and portable machine, for quality MIG/MAG w
Kempact™ Pulse Welder
Efficient synergic MIG/MAG machine equipped with pulse and double pulse features for welding aluminum and other materia
Kempact RA Welder
New standards in compact MIG/MAG class
MinarcMig Evo Welder
Why buy Precise weld quality and arc ignition
FastMig™ Basic Models Welder
Lightweight and powerful equipment for basic MIG/MAG welding. The
FastMig™ Synergic Models Welder
A MIG/MAG welding device with extremely versatile features for industrial use. Synergic controls and an extensive range