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ArcFeed Welder
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Voltage-sensing wire feed unit, which allows you to upgrade old MMA power sources for more efficient MIG/MAG use. A small investment but a big leap to greater productivity.


In Brief

Suitable for many kinds and many brands of CC- and CV power sources.
Possibility to weld with self-shielded fluxcored wires.
A solid structure, especially suitable for construction industry and shipyard conditions.
The LCD display can be clearly seen in both clear and cloudy conditions.



Shipyards and offshore industry
Building sites
Welding of oil and gas pipes

Productivity from voltage-sensing wire feed

ArcFeed is a voltage-sensing wire feed unit for MIG/MAG welding. The machine uses the power of the welding arc in the control of its functions.

In voltage-sensing wire feed units, there is no need for a special control cable between the power source and the wire feeder, so it is easy to move the welding equipment for, say, field work on building sites and at shipyards.

ArcFeed 200 and 300 are the basic models. The smaller one is suitable for 200 mm wire spools and the larger one for 300 mm wire spools.

ArcFeed 300P is equipped with a specially efficient wire feeding mechanism, so it is also suitable for the welding of thicker wires all the way up to 2.4 mm self-shielded flux-cored wire.

ArcFeed 300RC corresponds to the 300 model, but its also equipped with a remote control unit, that can be used with the Kemppi Master 5001 and Kemppi Pro power sources.

More efficient use of your old MMA power sources

Because the arc-controlled wire feed unit does not require a control signal from the power source, the unit can be connected to many kinds and many brands of power source, which do not require complex control features.

Because of this, with a Kemppi ArcFeed wire feed unit, it is possible to upgrade your current MMA welding power sources to more versatile and productive MIG/MAG use. 

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