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Kemppi Pro Evolution 3200 Automotive Welder
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Updated: 2013-12-07 00:48

The Kemppi Pro Evolution system designed for automotive manufacture. Modular design with multiple power source and control panel options.

Kemppi Pro Evolution 3200 Automotive - MIG brazing specialist

MIG brazing reverts to welding process where galvanized plates are brazed together with e.g. CuSi3 wire by using inverter based power source and wire feeder. Due to the low temperatures in MIG brazing the deformation of the plates and the vaporisation of coating material will be minimised. MIG brazing is widely used in car manufacturing to weld galvanized plates due its excellent characteristics against corrosion.

Modern car bodies have been built by using galvanized steel plate in order to guarantee improved corrosion resistance. The use of these new plated materials in car construction brings new challenges for the crash repair industry. Repair welding demands the application of specifi c welding techniques, materials and processes, capable of joining galvanized plates. Kemppi Pro Evolution Automotive is designed for repair welding of galvanized car bodies with CuSi wire.


    • Special programs for galvanized body repairs - excellent welding results
    • Remote in MIG gun - easy to adjust parameters
    • Spot timer - precise tack welding
    • Extended memory - welding values in memory
    • Slim line machine - less space and easy to place close to welding object

Kemppi Pro Evolution Automotive is a complete set
    • Kemppi Pro 3200 Evolution power source
    • Promig 530 Automotive wire feeder with panel
    • PMT 27 MIG gun
    • P 20 transport unit
    • Earth- and connection cable, 5 m
    • Necessary accessories
    Product codes:
    Product Product code
    PMT 27 3M MIG WELDING GUN 6252713
    PMT27 4,5M MIG TORCH 6252714
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